Route Survey

route survey

[′rüt ‚sər‚vā]
(civil engineering)
A survey for the design and construction of linear works, such as roads and pipelines.
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Route Survey


a survey of the earth’s surface along a particular route in the compilation and updating of topographical, geological, soil, and other maps and the correlation of selected contours and objects with geodetic reference points or landmarks during linear surveys, and also in the study of the dynamics of natural and socioeconomic phenomena in a narrow strip of terrain. In a route survey, representations of the actual course of the survey and of the plane horizontal features (including the terrain, if necessary) on both sides of it within the limits of direct visibility are plotted on a mapboard using methods of instrument surveying (plane-table, tachymetric, and aerial phototopographic surveying) or exploratory surveying.

Ground-level route surveying has been extensively used for centuries in mapping inaccessible areas. In the 20th century aerial route surveying (instrumental and, less frequently, exploratory surveying from the air, particularly during aerovisual observations) has come to be used in addition to ground-level route surveying. Route surveys made from aircraft are done principally as sets of survey jobs to supplement a comprehensive areal survey; this is done on a larger scale and under different surveying conditions (for the purpose of singling out particular objects). Aerial route surveying is also done for such specific purposes as recording the ice conditions at sea, the boundaries of river flooding, and the centers of forest fires.


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The ISGC had applied to the ministry in July 2017 for approval of the route and permission regarding the initiation of aerial route survey of the TAPI's portion falling in Pakistan's territory.
Delgra III to convince transport operators to pay for the preparation of a technical survey and a route survey, as requirements for applying for franchises under the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program process.
Abeleda, a former LTOP member, together with a certain Robert Bacuyag and a Regevie Capalac, who were using the name Secretary Arthur Tugade and LTFRB Chairman Delgra III in convincing transport operators to pay for the preparation of a technical survey and a route survey, as requirements for applying for franchises under the PUVMP process.
The company said the route survey for the project had already been completed, but with the construction of the new Skyway portion along C-6, coordination meetings have been set for the rerouting of a segment of the Taguig-Baras line.
EGS brings more than 25 years of extensive cable route survey experience and adheres to the highest professional standards.
The ambitious natural gas pipeline project entered its practical phase in Pakistan after the process of initiating front-end-engineering-and-design (FEED) route survey was formally inaugurated last year.
Pioneer Consulting's oceanographic experts have recently completed the management of the marine route survey of Lake Ontario which has collected bathymetric data and soil samples that will help establish the most reliable route for the cable.
"But we have not finished the deep route survey yet," the source said, stressing the project was not shelved because of the changes.
Informing the house about progress made so far on the project, he said that Bankable Feasibility Study, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Route Reconnaissance and Detailed Route Survey (DRS), Social Environmental impact Assessment (SEIA), and work on Installation of concrete markers on Right of Way had been completed.
OMAN Route survey for oil pipeline Tender no: OGC/057/2014 Description: Route survey for (42) oil pipeline from Nahada to Ras Markaz.
Informed Pakistani officials, who asked for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, said that Germany-based consultancy firm ILF is conducting a route survey on the pipeline and will soon be completing its work.
The route survey for the 44 kilometres- long Zulfiqarabad Expressway connecting Gharo to the Bridge and then on to Shah Bunder has been completed and bid documents are being finalised.