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a city (since 1934) under oblast jurisdiction in Voroshilovgrad Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Railroad station on the Debal’tsevo-Likhaia line. Population, 61,500 (1975). Coal is mined in the area. Roven’ki has an ore-enrichment plant, a bread-baking combine, and a cereal-products combine. It also has a plant for the production of crushed stone, a milk plant, a brewery, and woodworking enterprises. There is a mining technicum in the city, as well as a museum of local lore. The Museum to the Memory of the Fallen, part of the Krasnodon memorial complex Young Guard, is located in Roven’ki. (During the Great Patriotic War, a group of the Komsomol underground organization Young Guard operated in Roven’ki.)

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located on the territory Korochansky, Valuisky, Shebekinsky, Veydelevsky Krasnoyaruzhsky, Rovenki Belgorod region, and entering information about them in the cadastral registration for the needs of JSC "IDGC of Center" ("Belgorodenrego).