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Fibrous glass in which spun strands are woven into a tubular rope.
Natural fiber yarns that have been drawn out and slightly twisted in preparation for spinning.



a semifinished spinning product from which yarn is made. It is the intermediate product between sliver and yarn. The fibers in the roving are slightly straightened and rather uniformly arranged throughout the length of the roving. The roving is produced on roving frames by means of a slight twisting (in the spinning of cotton and bast fibers and the worsted spinning of long wool) or doubling (in the condenser spinning and worsted spinning of fine wool) of the fibrous sliver. In this way, the product acquires the form of coarse thread, is made more dense, and receives the strength necessary for winding and unwinding; the added strength also allows the roving to be drawn out on spinning machines without harming the fibers. The chief requirement for roving is uniformity of thickness and structure.

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As bobbins on modern roving frames are arranged in two rows, rovings can have different angles at the delivery of the drafting system and at the entrance of the flyers' top.
INNOFIBER TS 2402 roving also can be used for soundproofing in noisy industrial environments, including tool shops, steel plants and other manufacturing facilities.
Roving taught me a lot about different hunting styles.
Roving Networks customers should continue to contact Roving Networks through the normal sales and support channels that existed prior to this acquisition announcement.
The position is a roving one with regular travel to the emergency locations (approximately 30% of time per site).
Called Oxeon-TeXtreme, these fabrics reportedly offer more strength/weight and a smoother surface than woven roving.
Barjam believes one the intriguing aspects of the Pasadena Roving Archers is the environment.
Mike Conrad, CEO for Roving said, "Like our SPP and iAP Bluetooth profiles, the HID profile is an extremely easy to use out of the box solution, and is also very programmable for advanced developers.
Spheretex America introduced the first roving form of its lightweight Sphere.
Business Development at Roving Networks, explained, "We are finding that many of our customers require cabled as well as wireless connectivity in their products.
Meanwhile, glass roving comes off 36 or 48 spools arranged on four or five pallets.