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TABLE-I Medium High Operational Grade Yarn Grade Yarn Sequence Ne Ne Slubbing Frame 6s to 8s -- Intermediate Frame Upto 15s -- Roving Frame Upto 36s 12s to 30s Jack Frame No.
With over 150 roving frames being sold every year worldwide, the FT6E and FT7E yield best results for efficiency, reliability and quality.
With the ZinserSpeed 5A roving frame, the Zinser 72 ring spinning machine and the Autoflow automation solution, Zinser paves the way for its customers to attain maximum process reliability.
The roving frames and the spinning frames together account for over 75% of the machinery power consumption.
With a doffing time of less than two minutes, the ZinserSpeed 5A's new automatic doffer makes the roving frame the ideal partner for Zinser high-speed ring spinning machines.
The evolution of Marzoli FT6 roving frame of which hereafter are listed some highlights:
They are integrated into a fully automated linked system extending from the Zinser roving frame to the Autoconer package winder from Schlafhorst.
Schlafhorst and Zinser will be exhibiting a fully-automatic linked system solution, from the roving frame to the winding machine.
FT60 and FT70 roving frame will be presented at ITMA 2015: H2 G118.
The FT Roving Frame has only gears for draft break draft and creel tension: no gear is required for all the other parameters (twist rail and various tensions).
From the roving frame to the winding machine automation solutions suitably customized to maximise the entire ring spinning process.
Schlafhorst was awarded the contract for fitting out the new plant with a tailor made interlinked solution delivering high efficiency from the roving frame to the package winding machine.