Row house

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Row house

One of a series of identical buildings in a continuous row on one or both sides of a street, sharing one or more sidewalls in common with its neighbors, usually consisting of uniform plans, fenestration, and other architectural treatments.

group house, row house

One of an unbroken line of houses having a common wall or party wall with its neighbors.

row house, row dwelling

1. One of an unbroken line of houses sharing one or more sidewalls with its neighbors. A group house.
2. One of a number of similarly constructed houses in a row; usually in a housing development.
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dagger]) In residential town house and row house construction, framers are the brains of the operation.
The project offers 174 Independent residential Row Houses, offering 3 &4 BHK homes ranging from 157 sq.
NCRC contended that the bank's lending practices discriminated against Hispanics and African Americans because row houses valued under $100,000 are more heavily concentrated in African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods.
This is quite an honor," said Betty Meyer, owner of Row House Gallery.
From desegregated schoolrooms in New Jersey to summer camp mountain climbing to attempts to integrate Feng Shui into a Hoboken row house, Thompson chronicles the role of location and its limits in human life.
of the Pennsylvania State Police was on patrol in the early morning hours when a passing motorist notified him of a row house fire.
The heat loss from a row house is much lower than that from a single detached house.
About ten years ago my wife Shari and I moved from our seven-bedroom Mennonite parsonage in Ohio to a tiny row house in an old Italian neighborhood of Pittsburgh.
Thomas, who now recommends that "virtually everyone" test their dwelling for radon -- especially those living in a detached house, an attached row house, a trailer or the basement or first two floors of apartment buildings.