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Hill, Sir Rowland,

1795–1879, English educator, inventor, and postal reformer. He introduced the system of self-government in his school at Hazelwood in Birmingham. In his Plans for the Government and Education of Boys in Large Numbers (1822) he argued that moral influence of the highest kind should be the predominant power in school discipline. After his retirement from teaching (1833), Hill invented a rotary printing press and evolved a system of prepaid penny postage that was finally adopted in 1839. From 1854 to his retirement from public office in 1864 he was secretary to the Post Office. He was knighted in 1860.


See biographies by G. B. Hill (1880) and E. C. Smythe (1907).

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1840: Sir Rowland Hill introduced the Penny Post - 112,000 letters were posted in London on the first day.
RFU secretary Rowland Hill disparaged the professional codes as 'entirely governed by commercial principles.
The four individual honours, set in a single "unique" bar brooch, belonged to former British Army commander Lieutenant-General Rowland Hill who was nicknamed Daddy Hill for the care he took over his men.
Lieutenant-General Rowland Hill, who served under Wellington at Waterloo, and left, his medals which have been auctioned
Rowland Hill argued in an 1837 tract that guaranteed delivery of any letter for the same prepaid price would increase the popularity of mail delivery service.
A Mount Sinai B Mount of Olives C Mount Hebron D Mount Ararat QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: What was pioneered in the UK by Sir Rowland Hill in 1840?
However, the system has its roots in a much earlier development, when the inventor of the postage stamp, Sir Rowland Hill, developed a system of postal districts for London in 1857.
But in 1837 teacher Rowland Hill proposed adhesive stamps.
and her husband Rowland Hill of Whitinsville, Natalie B.
This paper is a case study of the impact of a community-based, collaborative, mentoring intervention on the academic and personal success of a group of 32 students who were enrolled in Rowland Hill Latham Elementary School in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools during the year that the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction identified Latham as a "School of Distinction," 2001-2002.
Postal Affairs Minister Ed Davey said the proposed sell-off rules will let future private owners, including German mail operator Deutsche Post, to stop using a representation of the monarch's head that has appeared on every British postage stamp since Sir Rowland Hill invented them in 1840, reports the Daily Mail.
Sir Rowland Hill gave us the first postage stamp in May 1840 in Great Britain.