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city (1990 pop. 24,603), Weber co., N Utah, near Great Salt Lake; settled by Mormons 1877, inc. 1937. Computer equipment is manufactured, and many residents work at nearby Hill Air Force Base.
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ROG HERBERT, Winnipeg, Canada WHEN I grew up in Birmingham, Roy was a star then - and he always will be.
One evening, Roy went to see Tiffany and the Dimensions, and afterwards, he foolishly took a dark-green pill he had been given by a friend at a local pub.
On arriving in Australia 17-year-old Roy worked on a farm in Leeton, New South Wales.
North East football fan-zine Players Inc has made the deadline-day signing of the season by securing the rights to re-launch Roy of the Rovers.
Within her writing, Roy's gardens are clearly domestic in nature, existing as familiar, family-oriented environments that provide safe, conventional enclosures for her female characters and for Roy as the protagonist of her autobiography.
A life member of DAV Chapter 2, Texas, Roy continued to hone his golf skills, and through the years, his skill and love of the game grew, as did his competitive spirit.
and Roy Burritt volunteered to come spend a few days with us to teach us the art of mold-making.
I first met Roy just under ten years ago, when I visited Len and Barbara Lungo.
For instance, at a time when many progressive thinkers stress transnational phenomena, Roy emphasizes the importance of nation-states: corporations, she notes, need and rely on repressive governments "to quell the mutinies in the servants' quarters.
The auction was conducted with the help of another Roy, city auctioneer and Evening Telegraph Community Awards winner Roy Kane.