Roy Campbell

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Campbell, Roy,

1901–57, South African poet and satirist. After some time in England and France Campbell returned to South Africa to edit Voorslag [Whiplash], a satirical magazine, publishing works such as The Flaming Terrapin (1924) and The Georgiad (1931), an attack on the Bloomsbury groupBloomsbury group,
name given to the literary group that made the Bloomsbury area of London the center of its activities from 1904 to World War II. It included Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf, E. M.
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. In the 1930s, after a conversion to Roman Catholicism, Campbell turned to heroic poetry as in Mithraic Emblems (1936). Campbell's enthusiasm for Franco during the Spanish Civil War, expressed in Flowering Rifle (1939), has long interfered with an unbiased assessment of his work. He served with the British army in both world wars. His collected poems were published in 1957.


See the two volumes of his autobiography (1934, 1952) and biography by P. Alexander (1982).

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This is, in fact, what happened to the proofs of Wyndham Lewis, a book by Roy Campbell scheduled to appear in 1932 in the Dolphin Books series published by Chatto and Windus.
From Foucault Meihuizen devises, for his reading of Roy Campbell, "A Modern Frame", the important features of which include a sense of history in which "linear temporal relations are replaced by a type of simultaneity" (156).
Only two essays in the collection give a nod to the fact that they are parts of a larger whole, the essay on Roy Campbell, by the editors themselves, and Christopher Ehland's essay on Smollett.
Consequently, the number of authors who have at times been influenced by Cam_es's poetry is vast, and Monteiro focuses on a number of important writers: Tasso, William Hayley, Blake, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Poe, Melville, Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Bishop, and Roy Campbell, among others.
In collaboration with Laurens Van Der Post and Roy Campbell, he founded the magazine Voorslag ("Whiplash") with the intention of excoriating racism in South Africa.
Roy Campbell of the Centers for Disease Control, the actual number of cases in the U.
Woodcock left his native Manitoba to study in England, where he joined the London literary world peopled by Dylan Thomas, Roy Campbell, and George Orwell among others.
While still a young man in South Africa, he worked with Roy Campbell on the outspoken review Voorslag, and wrote his first novel, Turbott Wolfe (1925), an angry denunciation of South Africa's racist policies, a theme that was echoed in his stories I Speak of Africa (1927).
Roy Campbell, an audit partner in the Deloitte Johannesburg practice , explained to a packed audience that the continent is considered a high-growth region in which the economies of some countries are growing faster than the BRICS countries.
Roy Campbell, 43, of Hurn Way, Aldermans Green, Coventry, admitted stealing three DVD players and two boxed cordless phones worth PS200 from B&M, and breaching a suspended sentence.
Roy Campbell of Leominster and Phyllis Vetras of Clinton.