Royal Bank of Canada

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Royal Bank of Canada


the largest commercial bank of Canada. In 1971 it was the 18th largest capitalist bank in the world. Founded in 1869, the bank acquired its present name in 1901.

The Royal Bank of Canada has its headquarters in Montreal. The bank is closely related to the monopolistic groups of various sectors of the country’s economy as well as with British and American finance capital. In particular, it is allied with the Rockefeller group and with its oil companies Standard Oil and Imperial Oil. In 1972 the bank had 1,289 branches in Canada and 121 branches and agencies abroad, mainly in Latin America. The bank is part of a number of large international banking groups. In October 1972 the bank had a balance sum (in Canadian dollars) of $14.8 billion, capital and reserves of $658 million, current accounts and deposits of $13.5 billion, loans of $8.1 billion, cash on hand and accounts with other banks of $3.7 billion, and a securities portfolio of $2.3 billion.


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On August 24, 2019, Royal Bank of Canada will have 20,000,000 Series BB shares issued and outstanding.
alternatively, if Royal Bank of Canada determines that there would remain outstanding less than 1,000,000 Series AZ shares after May 24, 2019, then all remaining Series AZ shares will automatically be converted into Series BA shares on a one-for-one basis on May 24, 2019.
Buyer advisor: Credit Suisse , Barclays , Royal Bank of Canada , Kirkland and Ellis , Royal Bank of Canada
The financial watchdog is investigating the allegations, which Regent and The Royal Bank of Canada vigorously deny.
The Tax Court concurred with the Service's view and held that the individual had control over the interest payments made to the Royal Bank of Canada and thus was required to deduct and withhold U.S.
TORONTO: Royal Bank of Canada (RY on TSX and NYSE) today announced a domestic public offering of Non-Cumulative, 5-Year Rate Reset Preferred Shares Series BM.
Royal Bank of Canada today announced a domestic public offering of Non-Cumulative, 5-Year Rate Reset Preferred Shares Series BM.
Swiss banking group SYZ has agreed to acquire Royal Bank of Canada (Suisse) SA, the group said.
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) (LSE: RY) (NYSE: RY), Canada's largest bank by assets, has said that it has acquired the wealth-management business of Fortis Wealth Management Hong Kong Limited (FOR.BR) (AMS: FORB) (DUS: FORB) (OTC: FORSY) as part of its expansion in Asia.
The Royal Bank of Canada has joined the wave of corporations drawn away from the tight Class A market in midtown to move some of its employees downtown in an expansion into 3 World Financial Center.
37) reported on the Royal Bank of Canada's Rainbow Space initiative to create a "safe place" for homosexual employees (and presumably customers).
From left: TEI President Ray Rossi, Toronto Chapter Treasurer Sherrie Ann Pollock of Royal Bank of Canada, Auditor General of Canada Sheila Fraser, and TEI Region r Vice President Mario Tombari.

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