Royal Gorge

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Royal Gorge,

10 mi (16 km) long, narrow canyon cut by the Arkansas River, S central Colo., often called the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas. The gorge was discovered in 1806 by an expedition led by U.S. explorer Zebulon Pike. Its near-vertical walls are more than 1,000 ft (305 m) high. One of the world's highest suspension bridges, 1,053 ft (321 m) above the river, crosses the canyon, and a cable railway ascends the canyon wall.
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Authorities put the size of the Royal Gorge blaze at 3,800 acres on Wednesday.
The wooden walkway of the bridge is made of 1292 planks, and a railroad runs below at the bottom of the Royal Gorge. It is the highest bridge in the world.
We're pairing a beautiful three-course meal with a train ticket for a bundled price and begin the excursions through the Royal Gorge this Saturday, April 16.
It is held for one weekend every year at the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City.
The three-hour expedition was an experience, even though the water beneath the Royal Gorge Bridge was officially at its lowest at that time of year.
Near the main entrance for the Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort, I watched as a family of six prepared to venture into the blizzard that shrouded North AmericaAAEs largest cross-country ski resort.
Out near Colorado Springs, in the vicinity of Pike's Peak, a similar span known as the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, links two shores of the Arkansas River at 1,053 feet above that river.
An hour's drive further north you'll find Canon City and Royal Gorge, home to the world's highest suspension bridge, 1,200 feet above the ground.
The river's Royal Gorge is over 2,000ft high and is spanned by the world's highest suspension bridge and is home to one of America's most nerve-gangling leisure rides.
Perhaps tackling one of America's most terrifying thrill rides, a giant slingshot over the 1200ft Royal Gorge, was a bad idea for someone with vertigo.
A highlight of our trip, this started with nine miles of white water rafting down the River Arkansas, then, after a break for refreshments and drying out, we took the train through the dramatic Royal Gorge Route, the former railroad, to Canon City.
Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge, towering 1,053ft above the Arkansas River, is the world's tallest suspension bridge - but it is designed for pedestrians.

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