Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences

Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences


(Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen), founded by King Louis Bonaparte in 1808 in Amsterdam under the name of Royal Institute of Sciences. Literature, and Arts. After a number of reorganizations, it became the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences in 1938.

The academy is divided into the Section for Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Section for Philology, Literature, History, and Philosophy. Each department has not more than 75 ordinary members, 40 foreign members, 30 corresponding members, several members abroad (ordinary members who have moved abroad), and several members emeritus (members who have reached 70 years of age). Among the academy’s foreign members are the Soviet scholars A. N. Kolmogorov (since 1963), A. N. Frumkin (since 1965), and P. L. Kapitsa (since 1969). The academy has published Jaarboek since 1853.


“Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen.” In Jaarboek, 1967–68. Amsterdam, 1968.


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He was a member of the executive committee of the European Marketing Academy; he has served as President of the Netherlands Classification Society, and is elected US Correspondent of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences.

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