Rozitis, Pavils

Rozītis, Pāvils


Born Nov. 19 (Dec. 1), 1889, in Liepa District, in what is now Cēsis Raion; died Feb. 20, 1937, in Riga. Latvian writer.

Rozītis attended the A. Shaniavskii National University in Moscow from 1910 to 1914. He was chairman of the Society for Cultural Rapprochement With the USSR from 1930 to 1937. He was first published in 1909. Rozītis developed the genre of the anecdotal short story in the collections Portraits (1922), Rapids (1925), and Knots (1933). He wrote the satirical anti-bourgeois novel Mr. Ceplis (1928; in Russian translation, The Smart Dealer, 1932) and the novel The Valmiera Lads (1936), about the Revolution of 1905–07. Rozītis also published several collections of lyric poetry.


Raksti, vols. 1–5. Riga, 1961–62.
In Russian translation:
Pochtmeistersha i drugie rasskazy. Riga, 1958.


Istoriia latyshskoi literatury, vol. 2. Riga, 1971.