Rub al Khali

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Rub al Khali

(ro͞ob äl khä`lē) [Arab.,=empty quarter], great desert of the Arabian peninsula, c.225,000 sq mi (582,750 sq km); one of the largest sand deserts in the world. The desert occupies much of the southern interior of the peninsula, from the highlands of the Nejd (to the north) to the plateaus of HadhramautHadhramaut
or Hadramaut
, region, S Arabia, on the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea, occupying the southeastern part of Yemen. Historically, the name refers to the former Hadhramaut states, a collective term for the Quaiti and Kathiri sultanates.
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 (to the south); it slopes from an altitude of 3,300 ft (1,006 m) in the west to near sea level in the east. Sand dunes rise to over 660 ft (200 m) in the southwest; there are salt marshes and pans in the southeast. Rub al Khali is connected to the NafudNafud
or Nefud
, desert area in the northern part of the Arabian peninsula, occupying a great oval depression; 180 mi (290 km) long and 140 mi (225 km) wide. This area of red sand is surrounded by sandstone outcrops that have eroded into grotesque shapes.
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 desert in the north by the Dahna, a narrow corridor, 800 mi (1,287 km) long. The desert comprises more than 25% of Saudi Arabia. It is extremely dry and virtually uninhabited. Oil of excellent quality has been found there and is exploited. The al-Ghawar oil field is one of the world's largest.

Rub Al Khali


a sandy desert on the southeastern Arabian Peninsula, in a tectonic depression between mountains extending along the western, southern, and eastern seacoasts of the peninsula. Area, approximately 650,000 sq km.

The Rub al Khali, one of the world’s largest deserts, is a plain with elevations from 100–200 m in the east to 500–1,000 m in the west. Approximately 80 percent of the territory is covered by moving sands forming barchans (up to 150–200 m high), ridges, and individual massifs. In the east there are vast salt marshes; in places there are rocky plains. The annual precipitation reaches less than 50 mm per year; frequently there is no precipitation for several years in succession. There is no permanent surface run-off, and the ground waters are deep. In the sections not covered by sands there may be gypsum and limestone crusts. Vegetation grows primarily in the low areas between sand ridges (camel thorn, saltworts). The population, consisting mostly of Arabs, is nomadic and is engaged in camel raising. There are occasional oases on the outskirts of the Rub al Khali.

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The Rub Al Khali, the largest sand desert in the world, was then considered to be the last great unknown on earth.
One challenge we have is the pricing of gas is very low in Saudi Arabia and does not make unconventional gas or tight gas in the Rub Al Khali economic," he argued.
The joint venture company, the South Rub Al Khali (Srak), started the second phase of exploration on July 26, it said in a statement yesterday.
Block 57 lies between two world-class oil provinces: the South Oman Salt Basin and the Rub Al Khali Basin.
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39-km Nissan stage of the event through the Rub Al Khali on Monday.
At the time I did not pick up that the book was really about Oman even though Thesiger was writing about the great Arabian desert -- Rub al Khali or the Empty Quarter.
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Nestled in the dunes near Rub Al Khali desert in Abu Dhabi, Tilal Liwa Hotel is the only property of its brand type of its kind in the Danat portfolio.
Block 36 is a roughly 18,000 sq km frontier exploration block located in the prolific Rub Al Khali basin.