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What does it mean when you dream about rubbish?

See Garbage.


A mixture of combustible waste such as paper, cardboard cartons, wood scrap, and combustible floor sweepings; contains up to 20% by weight of restaurant or cafeteria waste but contains little or no treated papers, plastic, or rubber wastes. Also see garbage, refuse, and trash.
References in classic literature ?
The blue- bottles buzzed about the wall, and a little old mouse picked over the rubbish among the jam pots.
I slid down the rubbish, struggled to my feet, clapped my hands over my ears, and bolted into the scullery.
The next light layers of rubbish were carefully removed--and the grand discovery of the day followed.
The pile of rubbish belonged to the Paris Dry Goods Company.
With a loud bang he threw an empty box on the pile of rubbish in the hallway and then went heavily down the stairs.
There's plastic bags, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, household rubbish, black bags of household rubbish, mattresses, chairs, settees, fridges, microwaves, I could go on and on.
HEAVY-handed attitudes over household rubbish collections are beginning to overflow into stupidity.
To meet all the junk removal needs, Right Away Rubbish Removals in Sydney is now offering "Same Day" rubbish removal services in the Sydney Metro Area.
HOW useful they can seem, those men in battered vans who take away your rubbish for a small amount of cash.
BEHIND this raging inferno is a pile of rubbish that has been 'building up for a year.
While I am not advocating taking a big bin-bag, just take a bag and collect any rubbish you find.
Residents claim the problem began a month ago when binmen allegedly refused to collect the rubbish because the "bags were hanging over the tops of the wheelie bins".