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The red to red-violet variety of the gem mineral tourmaline; hardness is 7-7.5 on Mohs scale, and specific gravity is near 3.04.



(from the Latin rubellus, “reddish”), a mineral. Rubellite is a variety of elbaite, which is a lithium-bearing tourmaline. It is distinguished by its pinkish red or crimson color, which is caused by the presence of Mn3+ and a small amount of iron. Transparent crystals of rubellite are precious stones of order II (seeGEMS).

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They displayed an attractive red colour similar to Thai ruby--so much so that he displayed the rubellite next to Thai ruby at the JCK show (e.
There are also two new bracelets for the Tubogas-polished steel, and chrome-and-gold, in 35-mm cases with brilliant-cut diamonds and pink rubellite crowns.
The 1986 discovery of gemmy pink elbaite, tantite and kimrobin-sonite from the strongly weathered Forrestania Rubellite pegmatite near Mount Holland is further proof that vast unexplored areas in Western Australia still remain.
Only 2 air-kilometers west of it, on the opposite bank of the Rio Doce, lies the famous Jonas mine at Itatiaia, where the world-famous rubellite specimens were discovered in 1978.
5-cm hot-pink rubellite crystal and a single green crystal, after the owner saw me looking at two better specimens from a different dealer, and he was afraid that I would lose interest in his pieces, so he quickly agreed to my last offer.
After this side trip the head of the household introduced us to Jose Estradea, owner of a rubellite (red elbaite) mine near Taquaral.
The Crichton purchase list noted two such specimens, lots 2087 and 2082 from the Sowerby sale, respectively a "Group of prismatic Rubellite of a beautiful red colour, Siberia" ([pounds sterling]10.
The "jewelry stones," in turn, are ranked in four "orders": first (diamond, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, alexandrite), second (demantoid, tsavorite, spinel, black opal, tanzanite), third (other-colored sapphires, rubellite, aquamarine, imperial topaz, white and fire opal) and fourth (other beryls, other tourmalines, other garnets, amethyst, citrine).
It included a towering gem kunzite, a huge rubellite, and an equally large morganite.
Vorobiev" (from an early Russian work on Ceylonese tourmalines); the causes of color in tourmalines, leading to two short chapters on slicing liddicoatite to show color zones; "dravite from Qarusulik" (early schorl specimens from Greenland); cuprian elbaite from Paraiba, Brazil; povondraite from Bolivia; a history of Burmese tourmaline; "the K remlin's carbuncle" (about a rubellite carving whose story begins in 1570); inclusions, solutions and zoning in elbaite; practical uses of piezoelectric effects in tourmaline; pegmatite geochemistry; and finally a worldwide survey of tourmaline occurrences (the book's longest chapter: 25 dense pages with, of course, fine color photographs of fine specimens).
The most exciting aspect of this initial find was that the tourmaline crystals, while a dark indicolite-blue in their outer zone, were deep rubellite pink in the interior.
Mattos agreed and, sure enough, in one day Gomes recovered 5 kilograms of the best gem-grade rubellite.