Ruda Slaska

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Ruda Sla̧ska

a town in SW Poland: coalmining. Pop.: 159 665 (1999 est.)

Ruda Śląska


a city in Poland, in Katowice Województwo, in the Upper Silesian agglomeration. Population, 148,000 (1974). Ruda Śląska has coal mines and coke plants. The Pokój metallurgical plant is located in the city.

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The subject of the offer competition is providing health services within the neonatology department and neonatal outpatient clinic of the municipal hospital in ruda slaska sp.
Yesterday's explosion came as the men, aged 21 to 59, were retrieving equipment from the Halemba mine, in Ruda Slaska, where it had been abandoned because of dangerously high gas concentrations.
73 / KSZ / 17 for the provision of health services as part of a lung disease department with a sub-unit of chemotherapy of the Municipal Hospital in Ruda Slaska Sp.
Contract award notice: Provision of health services by midwives as part of the neonatology ward / bank mleka szpitala miejski in ruda slaska sp.
The subject of the order is the delivery of orthopedic implants for the Municipal Hospital in Ruda Slaska Sp.