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see RaoulRaoul
, d. 936, duke of Burgundy, king of France (923–36). Elected king to succeed his father-in-law, Robert I, Raoul fought the Normans and the Hungarians, who repeatedly invaded France.
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, king of France.


his red nose lit the way for Santa and his sleigh. [Am. Pop. Music: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”]
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1, Rudolph
1858--89, archduke of Austria, son of emperor Franz Joseph: he and his mistress committed suicide at the royal hunting lodge in Mayerling
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Rudolph, 54, has been at the Memphis law firm Bourland, Heflin, Alvarez, Minor & Matthews since 2009, where he practiced in the areas of complex commercial litigation, tort litigation and employment law.
But Rudolph wasn't really happy, with the colour of his shiny nose because as he is an Evertonian his red one wasn't what he chose.
More than any other architect of his generation, Paul Rudolph was able to combine historical knowledge, current ideas, extraordinary skills and natural talent to create works that were entirely new.
As the official archive, North Carolina Modernist Houses (NCMH) will maintain and update the Paul Rudolph section of its archive as houses are sold, changed, or threatened.
With Will Bragg having been off the field with a back spasm, Rees was moved back up from his planned position at No 3 to open with Rudolph.
Rudolph is playing in his country's first-class side The Titans as an opener in the Champions League in India.
Grown by Welsh farmers' co-operative Puffin Produce Ltd, Rudolph potatoes are part of the company's Blas Y Tir (Taste of the Land) brand and are available in multiple retailers across Wales.
There were reindeer games going on, and Rudolph was not a part of them.
Rudolph has previously been available as an own-label product and under Fenmarc's Very Very Veg Company brand, but this is the first time it will be marketed as a brand in its own right.
He is survived by his loving wife of nine years, Nannette Johnson Rudolph, and children, Sarah, Jonathan and Robert, all of the home, Julie Rudolph Count and her husband, Patrick, of Germany, Brooke Rudolph Stewart and her husband, Nick, of Williamstown, Molly Rudolph of Marietta, Jennifer Rudolph Ireland and her husband, Nate, of Marietta, and Bonnie Rudolph Lockhart and her husband, Chad, of Mineral Wells.
The celebration and blessing of the marriage of Aleisha Rudolph and John Larsen Moore took place on the evening of August 8, 2009, at Dahlonega Presbyterian Church in Dahlonega, Georgia.
Prof Gerald Lincoln said: "You can't picture Rudolph as a big red-nosed macho male because he has cast his antlers already.