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see RaoulRaoul
, d. 936, duke of Burgundy, king of France (923–36). Elected king to succeed his father-in-law, Robert I, Raoul fought the Normans and the Hungarians, who repeatedly invaded France.
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, king of France.


his red nose lit the way for Santa and his sleigh. [Am. Pop. Music: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”]
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1, Rudolph
1858--89, archduke of Austria, son of emperor Franz Joseph: he and his mistress committed suicide at the royal hunting lodge in Mayerling
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1 million hard working truck drivers in our country who travel nearly 400 billion miles each year, from July 15-August 17, Rudolph Foods will ask truck drivers across America to enter the contest by submitting a photo of their "rig," inside or out, to be voted as one of the best rigs on the road.
His ashes are in there,'' said Susan Rudolph, weeping outside the smoldering remains of the family's home.
10 of the purchase of all Rudolph Foods branded products will support the organization's assistance fund (up to $15,000).
Rudolph was a key figure in the Apollo Project at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, one of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's principal installations.
In an effort to celebrate this hard working segment of our country - who is responsible for transporting nearly all of the food to American consumers - from July 15-September 1, Rudolph Foods will ask truck drivers to take part in the contest by explaining in 1-2 sentences what being a truck driver means to them.
In June 2011, Rudolph announced the first order for the latest addition to the NSX family, the NSX 320 Inspection System.
The program has certified that the Rudolph Foods Lima facility's processing of manufactured meats (pork rinds and pork cracklins) and bakery and snack food processing (Cinnamon Twists, OnYums, Wheat chips and Veggie Chips) are in compliance with international and domestic food safety regulations.
As Rudolph presented solid evidence that Camtek uses multiple whole wafers with the Falcon to train the system, we look forward to a prompt and favorable resolution to this matter with the reinstatement of the judgment of infringement, damages and the permanent injunction," said Mr.
This sweepstakes is our way of thanking those who have been loyal to, or shown an interest in the Rudolph brand," says Mark Singleton, VP of Sales and Marketing.
NSX System users have demonstrated the benefit of applying Rudolph's total solution--an integrated suite of yield management software designed for use with every Rudolph inspection system--to analyze, classify and review data to determine trends that ultimately affect yield.
NEW YORK, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently convicted bombing suspect Eric Rudolph was provoked enough to add a postscript to his written statement after pleading guilty Wednesday.