ruggedized PC

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ruggedized PC

A portable computer designed for hazardous duty such as found in police, fire, military and industrial applications. Commanding a price premium, they are essential in harsh environments but also advantageous in the everyday world where laptops are often dropped and damaged.

Semi-Rugged vs. Fully Rugged
A semi-rugged computer withstands harsh temperatures as well as extreme vibration such as in a vehicle riding over rough terrain. It can also handle a certain amount of water on the keyboard. Semi-rugged laptops are typically regular laptops with better cases, rubber-mounted hard drives and spill-proof keyboards.

Built with custom parts, a fully ruggedized PC, also called an "ultra-rugged PC," can be left out in the rain all night and be dropped three or more feet onto a cement floor. It may also offer a removable disk or solid state drive (SSD) for security. See ruggedized drive.

An Earlier Rugged PC
Dolch's industrial portables were built with magnesium cases and shock-mounted components that let them withstand jolts that would disable ordinary portables. This ruggedized line was acquired by Germany-based Kontron AG and later Azonix (see Dolch). (Image courtesy of Dolch Computer Systems, Inc.)
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The new Stealth WPC-725F is a rugged PC that is completely water-tight, surviving liquids, chemicals, dust and dirt intrusion, meeting IP67/NEMA 6 environmental specifications.
Dan Morris, Channel Management, at Xplore added: "We've launched an incredible new real-world rugged PC based on the needs expressed by our largest customers.
According to the company, the nanoX-TC is a rugged PC module capable of enduring up to 15G peak to peak shocks and 1.88Grms vibration.
Worldwide Computer Products News-20 February 2009-JLT introduces JLT 1214 rugged PC for industrial environments(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
MPC Computers' TXTbook PC is an ultramobile, affordable, rugged PC designed primarily for K6 students.
PXI, a rugged PC platform for measurement and automation systems, has become one of the preferred testing systems for these applications due to their high performance, large array of modular available products, rugged industrial form-factor, and standardized acceptance.
Rugged PC's, with user-friendly touch-screen user interfaces, connect to a Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) via a wireless local area network.
has announced the Rugged PC DNet MPC 5/110 Vehicle Mount Computer.
are extending their range of industrial computers with two new rugged PC Modules both with the CKS extended three year warranty.
When engineers need an industrial-grade pre-packaged vision system for an embedded product, an all-in-one package may provide an economic alternative to a rugged PC. Keep in mind, though, purchasing an all-in-one system generally requires the use of the vendor's software-development tools.
In addition, we knew we needed a rugged PC that would be compatible with our existing office software.
Basically a very rugged PC, it provides firefighters with all relevant information on the scene they are g oing to.