Shah Rukh

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Shah Rukh


Born 1377; died 1447. Ruler of Herat (Khorasan). Successor and youngest son of Tamerlane (Timur); father of UlugBeg.

After several years of internecine warfare, Shah Rukh nominally attained supreme authority over all the areas conquered by Tamerlane. Under the rule of Shah Rukh, feudal relations underwent further development, and the system of landed estates was expanded by the granting of military feudal estates (seeSOYUR-GHAL). Herat replaced Samarkand as the capital of the state.

The death of Shah Rukh was followed by a fierce power struggle among his successors, and the state of the Timurids disintegrated.


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After much cajoling and calling out to the superstar, Shah Rukh Khan obliges his fans and appears on a raised steel platform amid chants of " Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh" near his bungalow's gate.