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soakaway, soakpit

A pit excavated in the earth’s surface which receives excess surface water, allowing it to drain away slowly.
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It sounded like a good idea to give back to the community," says Rummel, whose business is housed in a classic Eugene home built sometime between 1902 and 1907 (there are no records), a few years before Patterson was born.
A sales person can open Rummel Matratzen's iPad app and have all information, including customer and payment history, order status, sales documentation and return status, available in real-time at the touch of a button.
Rummel, whose volunteer work with the hiking alliance Finger Lakes Trail Conference focuses on 60 miles of the Finger Lakes Trail, including FLNF's 12-mile Interloken Trail, says she hikes at a moderate pace "so that I can.
of New Orleans, kneeling before Catholic Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel, not asking God to forgive her for her sin but to forgive the archbishop for his transgression in excommunicating her for her pro-segregation views.
Roth supervised his AmpliVox colleagues Cesar Paredes and Charley Rummel in building the podium.
98) receives a vivid reading by Christian Rummel, who has recorded many audiobooks, and tells of a Long Island powerhouse of wealth.
In April 1962 the archbishop of New Orleans, Joseph Rummel, excommunicated Catholic public figures who supported segregation.
It is therefore a matter of some satisfaction to many students of the early evangelical Reformation in upper German lands, and of the corpus of Strasbourg studies in particular, that Erika Rummel has turned her skills and wisdom to the Capito correspondence, which is being published by University of Toronto Press (2005-).
LaSerna's Brandi Rummel hit a line drive that Kirker dove to her right to make the catch.
Reformation Sources: The Letters of Wolfgang Capito and His Fellow Reformers in Alsace and Switzerland, edited by Erika Rummel and Milton Kooistra.
Besides presenting a theory that puts the state at center stage, Rummel has also made two other major contributions to this area of study.