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A cross-platform, interpreted programming language from RunRev Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland, LiveCode allows programmers to write the source code once and deploy to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android platforms. More like English, the language is devoid of cryptic symbols as found in C/C++, Java and many other programming languages. LiveCode derives its name because, like most interpreted languages, small sections of code can be executed independently without having to compile the entire program.

Formerly Runtime Revolution
LiveCode was formerly Runtime Revolution, named because of the target runtime engine that is packaged with the app. Revolution was originally MetaCard, a HyperCard-like language acquired by the company. Following is a source code example of opening a file named "a.xml" in LiveCode and C. See runtime engine and HyperCard.

In LiveCode
  open file a.xml for read

  In C
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It will be chaired by Tony McElroy , Corporate Aairs Director of Tesco Scotland and include Don McIntyre of Glasgow School of Art's Innovation Design Centre and Kevin Miller CEO of RunRev.
Scottish Web development firm RunRev says 85 percent of its clients are ready to start using HTML5, which prompted it to release LiveCode for HTML5 recently.
Software developer RunRev has announced plans to open a subsidiary office in Beijing through a joint venture with a Chinese American based entrepreneur, Dr Andy Parng.
RunRev, founded by Kevin Miller as a high school hobby in 1999, is projecting profits of up to PS30 million over the next three years from its China business.
RunRev and Adrok were included in a wider trade deal announcement at the Scotland innovation showcase event, with seven Scottish firms in total securing deals valued in total at more than PS40 million over the next 10 years.
Edinburgh-based programming business RunRev also successfully raised more than PS490,000 - compared to a PS350,000 target - from more than 3,300 backers in a campaign on funding platform Kickstarter.
Since introducing the LiveCode platform nine years ago, RunRev has demonstrated that individual ingenuity and aspirations need not be held back because of unfamiliarity with a piece of software.
Following in the heels of the revised Apple developer guidelines, RunRev introduces the pre-release version of LiveCode Deployment Pack for iOS.
Founded in 1997, RunRev are the makers of LiveCode (formerly Revolution).
In February this year, Edinburgh-based software tools company RunRev successfully raised PS493,000 using Kickstarter.
His business, RunRev, has developed simple language coding software which is used as a tool to build mobile apps.