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The location where an avalanche slows down or stops, depositing the avalanche debris.
Escape of molten metal from a casting mold, crucible, or furnace.
Defect in a casting caused by escape of metal from a mold.
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(play), in machines and mechanisms, the departure of the surfaces of rotating or vibrating cylindrical parts from their proper relative positions.

Radial runout is the difference between the greatest (Amax) and least (Amin) distances from points on the actual surface to the reference axis of rotation in a section perpendicular to this axis (see Figure l); it results from eccentricity of such a section with respect to the axis of rotation.

Figare 1. Diagram of radial yunout

Figure 2. Diagram of end runout

End runout is the difference between the greatest and least distances from points on the actual end surface located around the circumference of a specified diameter (D) to a plane perpendicular to the reference axis of rotation (see Figure 2); it results from the nonperpendicularity of the end surface with respect to the reference axis and deviations of the end shape along the line of measurement.

Runout is a detrimental effect in machines and mechanisms; it tends to increase wear and failures in machine parts.

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A branch pipe from a hot-water main to a convector.
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In the case of my 6.5 Creedmoor handload, by sorting through 100 cartridges I managed to separate 10 with .006 to .007 inch of runout. Most had less than .002, and I managed to find 10 cartridges with less than .001.
The Seventomatic seal produces consistent linear forces and is less susceptible to shaft runout than other shaft solutions.
The product can be used for radial internal and external sealing and can even tolerate strong shaft runout.
At the slope scale, the most evident 3-D effect is the occurrence of "lateral dispersion." Lateral dispersion is defined as the ratio of the lateral runout distance from the slope central line W (as seen looking at the face of the slope) to the runout distance L from the toe of the slope measured in a straight line traced over the planar slope and onto the flat runout zone [11, 12].
World XI eight wicket fell of Morne Morkel (1) runout and home side saw the success at threshold.
The results are more extensive deformation of these machine elements and greater shaft runout, also known as eccentricity.
At present, for the rotational accuracy of ball bearings, most researchers focus on shaft centerline orbit and nonrepetitive runout of ball bearings.
* Clutch assembly features an integrated bearing design making mounting fast and easy while ensuring application concentricity and excellent system runout
The sensor comes with an optional Fringe Suppression Optics (FSO) module that is unaffected by film-thickness changes and scanner misalignment or runout.
Effects of tip height and material type, radial clearance angle, and blade lateral runout of circular saws on the machined surface quality of medium-density fiberboards (MDF) cut by circular saws in terms of roughness height were investigated.
1 Checking for Spindle Mouth Wear a worn spindle can cause runout issues that affect toolholder accuracy and reduce cutting quality and productivity.