Rupert House

Rupert House,

village, W Que., Canada, on the Rupert River east of its mouth on James Bay. It was founded in 1668 as Charles Fort by the trader des GroseilliersGroseilliers, Médard Chouart, sieur des
, 1618?–c.1690, French trader and explorer in North America. He was the brother-in-law of Pierre Esprit Radisson and his companion in his great journeys.
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, whose success there led to the incorporation of the Hudson's Bay CompanyHudson's Bay Company,
corporation chartered (1670) by Charles II of England for the purpose of trade and settlement in the Hudson Bay region of North America and for exploration toward the discovery of the Northwest Passage to Asia.
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 in 1670. Later called Fort Rupert, Rupert's House, Rupert House, or Rupert's River, the post was captured by the French in 1686 and alternately held by the French and British until the Peace of UtrechtUtrecht, Peace of,
series of treaties that concluded the War of the Spanish Succession. It put an end to French expansion and signaled the rise of the British Empire. By the treaty between England and France (Apr.
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 (1713) restored it permanently to the Hudson's Bay Company. The Rupert House store was the Hudson's Bay Company's oldest trading post. The store was sold in 1987, along with the rest of the Hudson's Bay Company's Northern Stores division. The village is now known by its Cree name, Waskaganish.
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In 1830, one of its large properties was known as Rupert House. By 1894, this had been demolished and replaced by a militia barracks, reinforcing the military links of the area.
10 Rupert House, Rupert Court, Newburn, Newcastle, is for sale through Your Move Chris Stonock at PS95,000, tel: 0191 386 2070.
Squire's last assignment with The Beaver in 1939 was to document the work of the Rupert House Beaver Preserve, a beaver sanctuary founded in 1931 by HBC employee James Watt and his wife Maud in response to the near extinction of the species in the James Bay area.
The government officials agreed with him, and the visiting Kanatewat flew out of the reserve, then known as Rupert House, but not before he'd left a lasting impression on the politician-to-be.
Born in Rupert House, now Waskaganish, in 1949, Diamond was on a path to greatness from very early in his life.