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, city (1993 pop. 170,209), NE Bulgaria, on the Danube River bordering Romania. The chief river port of Bulgaria, it is also an industrial and communications center; a bridge spans the Danube to link Ruse with Giurgiu, Romania.
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, Bulgaria.
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"Everything I experienced later had already happened in Ruschuk" - the words are the Russe Nobel laureate-born Elias Canetti.
Further graves were brought in from Varna Protestant cemetery in 1955 and from Ruschuk British and Jewish Cemeteries in 1960.
Herringer had a strong influence on the church in Lompalanka and later in Ruschuk. Klundt was later ordained as a pastor.
Marchev, who started his ministry as colporteur for the congregation in Ruschuk during the pastorate of I.
Herrasimenko became the pastor of Ruschuk Baptist Church in 1895, (25) and he had a remarkable ministry in that town and indeed throughout Bulgaria.
(35) The Baptist work in Ruschuk and Lompalanka, the second and the third Baptist churches in Bulgaria, also began as people with Baptist convictions moved in and spread their faith or as colporteurs shared the gospel.
The letter was then sent to Ruschuk. The Christians there could not help, but they wrote to the Kazanluck church and promised that "they would see what they could do." (44)
Within the next three or four years, the Kazanluck church perhaps sent at least two more appeals to the same churches in Katalui and Ruschuk, and one request somehow reached August Libich in Odessa.
In 1880, a letter was sent directly to the Germans who worked for the BFBS in Ruschuk. Grigor Drumnikov, on behalf of the church, wrote, explaining the "big need of a pastor for the 22 people." He noted their desire to have someone who could "come and baptise the believers in the right baptism." (46) That last letter, dated August 10, 1880, was also received, and this time was translated and published as part of an article entitled "The Macedonian Cry Re-Echoed from Macedonia Itself." That article appeared in the German Baptist newpaper, Der Wahrheitszeuge, and in the Quarterly Reporter of the German Baptist Mission.
He settled in Ruschuk, which was the site of a BFBS depot and was the logical center for missionary and pastoral work.
Certainly, he was able to read the publications while already in Ruschuk.
Elias Canetti, born just eight years after William Faulkner, in 1905 in Ruschuk, Bulgaria, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981, thirty-two years after Faulkner received the award.