Ruskinian Gothic

High Victorian Gothic

A very elaborate, highly detailed interpretation of the Gothic Revival in its last phase, from about 1860 to 1890; may have bands of polychromed masonry and multicolored brickwork or roofing tiles; is heavy in appearance, as exemplified by its massive gables and porches; sometimes called Late Gothic Revival or Ruskinian Gothic. Some architectural historians avoid this designation, regarding the adjective “Victorian” merely as descriptive of an age that encompassed a number of specific exuberant, ornate, and highly decorative architectural styles.
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Funded by the liberal elite of Birmingham, it was built in two phases with the first, designed by Chamberlain, a 'tour de force' of Ruskinian Gothic. Sadly, Chamberlain died on the day he opened William Sapcote's winning tender.
The design of the church was quite unusual and was described as "an adventure in Ruskinian Gothic" decorated in red and yellow brick.
As indicated, then, this section is concerned to demonstrate how Collins's use of both a literary and a Ruskinian Gothic served, in Horner and Zlosnik's terms, to construct Cornwall 'as historically unruly and ungovernable, far from the centres of national power: a transgressive space'.
Making up for such outward sobriety, the uncompromising Ruskinian gothic interiors ran riot with elaborate stucco and stencilwork covering the walls and ceilings (Fig.
I couldn't resist buying Andy Foster's pocket-friendly book Birmingham (Pevsner Architectural Guides / Yale University Press, pounds 9.99), in which the citybased architectural historian reveals that the Gallery "was built in 1877 in Ruskinian Gothic, with the east wing added in 1898".
Polychromatic Ruskinian Gothic architectural features are preserved and will merge into private courtyards, designed by award-winning landscape architects City Design.
He was so successful in his campaign that Victorian Gothic is also known as Ruskinian Gothic.