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Russian Church:

see Orthodox Eastern ChurchOrthodox Eastern Church,
community of Christian churches whose chief strength is in the Middle East and E Europe. Their members number some 300 million worldwide. The Orthodox agree doctrinally in accepting as ecumenical the first seven councils (see council, ecumenical) and in
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In the course of the afternoon, a motorist was arrested near the Russian Church for driving recklessly near the protesters and failing to obey police orders.
Many Ukrainian Christians accuse the Russian Church of favouring Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.
The piece by Tatiana Christy in reference to the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church as Putin's weapon of influence paints a rather one-sided picture of the Russian Orthodox religion ("The Russian Church as Putin's Weapon of Influence," August 6 issue).
There's a general perception that this is your average Russian church.
A lone gunman opened fire with a hunting rifle on a group of people after service let out of an Orthodox Russian church, according to the ( Guardian .
The topics include the Russian Church 1448-1701; Christians under Ottoman rule 1453-1800; Latin-European Christianity during the 16th century; famine, epidemics, war: the triple challenge of Central European Christianity; and Christian churches and communities in North America to 1800.
(11) Marianna Murav'eva states that "self-divorce may be considered a flexible mechanism of private settling in a context of the repressive system of marriage regulation by the Russian church." (12) And Ol'ga Kosheleva considers that "people created their own rules of life and acted according to them." (13)
Schainkar presents numerous conversion cases preserved in Russian church and state archives, paying close attention to the "space in which Jews and Christians met and interconfessional relationships were nurtured," that is, the Jewish-run tavern.
According to Russian informed sources, "It is determined that Pope Tawadros II will discuss Christians' issues in the Middle East with the Russian President, and cooperation between the Russian and the Egyptian Churches." Earlier, the Russian Church headed by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia honored Pope Tawadros II on the occasion of strengthening the bonds of Orthodox Churches worldwide.
The fourth chapter mainly presents the experience of the Bolshevik revolution, persecution, martyrdom, and exile of the Russian Church, while the fifth chapter examines the emergence of the various local churches in the context of the diaspora, which gave priority to national and political factors at the expense of pan-Orthodox unity.
"Comparing a church council to democratic procedures is hardly fitting or relevant--there'll be great embarrassment if church rules are checked for their correspondence to democratic norms," Archpriest Nikolay Balashov, deputy head of the Russian church's external relations department, told the Interfax-Religion news agency.
Especially revealing are collections such as the Alaskan Russian Church Archives held at the Library of Congress, which includes valuable material concerning the spread of the Russian Orthodox Church among Ukrainians and Belarusans from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

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