Russian Trotter

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Russian Trotter


(also Métis), a light harness breed of horses, developed in the USSR by crossing Orlov and American trotters. The breed was registered in 1949.

American Trotters were brought to Russia prior to 1914 and were crossed with the Orlov to increase the latter’s speed. After 1914, breeding work with the Russian Trotter was conducted using Orlov-American hybrids, which were interbred and selected according to speed and desired harness type. The Russian Trotter, although not as beautifully proportioned as the Orlov, is distinguished by a stronger constitution and welldeveloped musculature. It has a lean head with a straight profile, a muscular neck, a broad chest, and a straight back; the legs are slender and strong. The coat is usually bay; less often it is black, chestnut, or gray. Average measurements for stallions are as follows: height at the withers, 161.6 cm; body length, 162.5 cm; girth, 184 cm; and circumference of the cannon bone, 20 cm.

In speed, the Russian Trotter is somewhat superior to the Or-lov. All of the absolute records registered in the USSR in 1975 were set by Russian Trotters. The records are as follows: 1,600 m, 1 min 58.8 sec (Kolchedan); 2,400 m, 3 min 3 sec (Pavlin); and 3,200 m, 4 min 6.1 sec (Pavlin). The most important lines of outstanding sires in the breed are Aloisha-Podarok, Gil’deets, Dodyr’, Trepet, Nalim, and Zamorskoe Chudo; dam lines include Zor’ka, Korona, and Larochka.

The Russian Trotter is a valuable breeding and sporting horse. It is used to improve local harness breeds; it is also used in racing in the USSR and abroad. Pedigree work with the breed is conducted by such stud farms as the Aleksandrovskii Farm (Kursk Oblast), the Dubrovskii Farm (Poltava Oblast), the Elanskii Farm (Saratov Oblast), and the Smolensk Farm.


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