elaeagnus angustifolia

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russian olive

russian olive

Small tree grows to 20 ft (7m). Thin lance shaped silvery leaves like olive tree, yellow 4-petal flowers, red edible sweet, but mealy fruit resembling olives. Fruit can be powdered and is used for rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.
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Type Structure Composition C2-cleared (a) Cottonwood-cleared Cottonwood with mechanically cleared understory C2-sparse Cottonwood-sparse Cottonwood with naturally sparse or hand-thinned to mimic naturally sparse understory C/CW1 Cottonwood-dense Cottonwood with dense understory of coyote willow C/NMO1 Cottonwood-dense Cottonwood with dense understory of New Mexico olive C/RO1 (a) Cottonwood-dense Cottonwood with dense understory of Russian olive C/RO3 Cottonwood-dense Intermediate-sized cottonwood and Russian-olive with understory of coyote-willow RO5 Shrub Russian-olive-dominated vegetation >1.
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