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, Latinized form of the word Russia. The term was applied to Ukraine in the Middle Ages when the princes of Halych briefly assumed the title kings of Ruthenia.
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Rusyn is one of 46 authors of a report in the November issue of Environmental Health Perspectives on the promise and challenges of incorporating new technology into risk assessment.
He was of Rusyn (not Russian) ethnic heritage, and his parents were Janos Paikos and Anna Czar; he was the fourth of four children, and the only one of the four to survive childhood.
Elaine Rusinko has set herself the task of describing how Rusyn ethnicity was constructed in literature.
34) In the 1 November 1915 issue the editors called upon Bishop Budka to take a stand on the bilingual schools issue and echo the assessment of the recently fired editor of Kanadyiskyi rusyn (The Canadian Ruthenian), (35) that Budka is in a "French jail" and so the French priests have a greater say in Ukrainian affairs in Canada than does the Bishop.
Magocsi, Paul Robert and Ivan Pop, Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture.
My own early research, some thirty years ago, into the identities of Slovak and Rusyn (Ruthene) Americans showed a strong emphasis on familism in at least the first two generations.
Rusyn made an attempt to reconsider the enduring interchangeability of the terms "folklore" and "narodna tvorchist'.
The authors thank US Customs staff at North Island Naval Base in San Diego, CA for their help in providing invaluable support for the NOAA King Air C-90 aircraft and personnel, and the NIST staff of Nino Canales and Teresa Rusyn for their assistance in processing the PNF measurements.
On his head is the black velvet kolpac that is unique to the Rusyn Byzantine Catholic Church and similar to those worn by Eastern European rabbis and cantors.
Rusyn won $35,000 and she explained her plans for this money, "I plan to have a big party with family.