Ruth Fischer

Fischer, Ruth


Born Dec. 11, 1895, in Leipzig; died Mar. 13, 1961, in Paris. One of the leaders of the ultra-left faction of the Communist Party of Germany in the mid-1920’s.

After seizing the leadership of the party in 1925, Fischer and the other representatives of the dogmatic sectarian group expressed opposition to a united proletarian front and neglected work within the trade unions. In the fall of 1925, Fischer and her adherents were removed from the leadership, and in 1926 she was expelled from the party for factional activities.

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As part of the acquisition, the four employees of SCS (Rick Lugg, Ruth Fischer, Eric Redman, and Andy Breeding) are now OCLC employees.
Besides Fischer, we meet others who are building the new Germany: Christian Kleinschmidt, a sarcastic young student whose family background exposes him to official suspicion; Peter Loose, a casanova as ready with his fists as with his guitar who carries out a balancing act between the proletarian and SS-tainted parts of his past; and Ruth Fischer, Hermann's daughter, who faces great prejudice in a nearby paper mill although, or because, she is a stellar worker and colleague.
However, the main body of the book consists of Pfemfert's letters to such friends as Rudolf Rocker, Ruth Fischer, and Karl Otten, together with a handful of letters written to him.