Ryerson, Kevin

Ryerson, Kevin

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Kevin Ryerson was born in the 1950s. He is a channeler in California who hosts a large number of different entities. Most channelers are each a conduit for only one entity—as with Jach Pursel’s Lazarus and Judy Knight’s Ramtha—but Ryerson is different. His channeling started not long after joining an Edgar Cayce-based meditation group in the 1970s. Such groups were known as “Search for God” groups. A year after joining the group, Ryerson began to channel at will, tapping into what he termed “the universal mind.” He claimed to connect with such entities as the Apostle John, a member of the Essene Hebrew sect incarnate at the time of Jesus; Obadiah, a Haitian; Tom McPherson, whose accent and language suggest an incarnation in Elizabethan Ireland; sages from ancient Egypt and from Japan. Ryerson claims that on awakening from trance he has no knowledge of what took place or of what the spirit had to say. “The spirits who speak through me,” he says, “are human personalities who lived in another historical period … They are merely in a discarnate state. Their motivation to speak when I’m in the trance state is to help facilitate both individual and collective well-being.”

The success of his channeling over the years has made Ryerson one of the best known names in that field, although Spirit Summonings (Mysteries of the Unknown: Spirit Summonings), (1989) observes, “His channeled information is fairly standard fare. Ryerson’s entities expound, for example, on the reality of reincarnation and the need to look to the higher self for guidance.” Klimo also says, “The content of Ryerson’s channeling closely parallels that of other historical and contemporary channeled material. Although the messages vary somewhat according to which of his sources they supposedly come from, they generally concur on certain themes … It reminds us that, beneath the appearance of the limited physical reality, we are essentially spiritual and immortal in nature, at one of the deepest levels of the universe, or God. From this relationship, we derive our power and our possibilities.”

Ryerson received a boost when actress Shirley MacLaine described him in her bestselling books Out On a Limb and Dancing in the Light. In his lectures and demonstrations, he discusses the process of channeling and speaks on a wide range of similar topics. He has appeared on a large number of radio and television shows.


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