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a city and administrative center of Ryl’sk Raion, Kursk Oblast, RSFSR. Located on the right bank of the Seim River in the Dnieper River basin, 124 km southwest of Kursk. Joined by a railroad branch line 25 km long with the Korenevo railroad station on the L’gov-Vorozhba line.

Ryl’sk first appears in a chronicle under the year 1152 as part of the principality of Novgorod-Severskii. By the late 12th century it was the seat of an appanage principality. In 1522 it became part of the Muscovite state. Becoming a district capital in the 18th century, it was in Kursk Province from 1796. Soviet power was established in Ryl’sk in November 1917. From Oct. 5, 1941, to Aug. 30, 1943, Ryl’sk was occupied by fascist German aggressors.

Ryl’sk has a drafting materials plant, a motor-vehicle repair plant, a brickyard, an asphalt plant, a brick and lime works, a creamery, a meat and poultry packing plant, and a food combine. It has pedagogical and medical schools, a sovkhoz techni-cum, and a technology school of civil aviation. Ryl’sk also has a museum of local lore.


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