Rymarenko, Sergei

Rymarenko, Sergei Stepanovich


Born 1839 in St. Petersburg; died July 29 (Aug. 10), 1871, in Astrakhan. Russian revolutionary. Son of a civil servant.

While a student at the University of Kharkov, Rymarenko joined the Kharkov-Kiev Secret Society; after the student disturbances of 1858, he was compelled to leave the university. In St. Petersburg he emerged as an organizer of student circles in the St. Petersburg Medical and Surgical Academy and participated in Sunday schools for worker education. He was a member of the St. Petersburg regional committee of Land and Liberty. In 1862 he was incarcerated in the Peter and Paul Fortress. In late 1864, a court sentenced him to exile under police surveillance; he lived in Astrakhan and contributed to local newspapers. Rymarenko died of tuberculosis.


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