Rysakov, Nikolai

Rysakov, Nikolai Ivanovich


Born May 2 (14), 1861, at Kurdiuk factory, now in Belozersk Raion, Vologda Oblast; died Apr. 3 (15), 1881, in St. Petersburg. Member of the People’s Will. Descended from the meshchanstvo (in prerevolution-ary Russia, a class of townspeople).

Rysakov joined the revolutionary movement in the autumn of 1879, while a student at the St. Petersburg Institute of Mines. On Mar. 1, 1881, he threw the first bomb at Alexander II, which did not injure Alexander. Rysakov was arrested. During the investigation, he treacherously tried to save his own life by implicating others. Rysakov was hanged along with the other pervo-martovtsy (participants in the March 1 assassination).