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Netherlands: see RijswijkRijswijk
, city (1994 pop. 46,807), South Holland prov., W Netherlands, near The Hague. It has varied industries. The Treaty of Ryswick (see Ryswick, Treaty of) was signed in 1697. The city was formerly spelled Ryswick.
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Ainsi, la paix de Ryswick est celebree a Quebec le 21 septembre 1698, ou <<les decharges de canon de la ville et des vaisseaux>> qui sont dans la rade accompagnent un grand feu de joie (Relation de ce qui s'est passe 1698).
By the end of the seventeenth century, after further treaties of Ryswick and Utrecht, also disputed and sometimes honored in the breach, it become fashionable, at least, to speak a language of tolerance; and the thing itself grew gradually through the eighteenth century until, at the Revolution in 1789, religion as such carne to be seen as a hindrance to the freedom of the new society.
Lowerre is interested in the effect that wider political events and social mores had on the theatre, tracking the theatrical responses to the Ryswick Peace of 1697, the Lord Chamberlain's renewed interest in censorship after Jeremy Collier's A Short View of the Immorality and Prophaness of the English Stage appeared in 1698, and the proliferation of "Scotch" songs as the proposed union between England and Scotland increasingly preoccupied public discourse.
Here an obvious choice was Francois de Callieres, distinguished ambassador at Ryswick, cabinet secretary at Versailles, and author of De la Maniere de Negocier ..., perhaps the best treatise on diplomacy written during the Ancien Regime.
Treaty of Ryswick that divided Hispaniola between France and Spain, both
French buccaneers settled in western Hispaniola, and by the 1697 Treaty of Ryswick, Spain ceded the area to France.
Bingham Sherbrooke Fusiliers and 1st Hussars as Second-in-Command, Regimental Headquarters to be at 83 van Ryswick St., Antwerp.
(20) After two hundred years of control and colonization by the Spanish, the western third of the island was ceded to France as part of the Treaty of Ryswick. (21) Under the French, Haiti became one of the richest colonies in the western hemisphere due to sugar, coffee, indigo, and cotton production, but also due to an extremely brutal system of slavery enforced by French Law.