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Stage One, sponsored by MVP Sports Foundation, Smart, Petron, Phenom Athletic Apparel, S-Link, and Novo Nordisk, will bring the 75 riders on a 153 kilometer leg going from Antipolo City to Lucena City in Quezon.
Programmable using the Visio[R]-based WorkPlace Tech Tool, the MNB-1000 also features Sensor Link support, enabling it to interface with and provide power to I/A Series' S-Link Sensors.
For example, whatever word is on the left end of an S-link is the subject of a clause (or the head word of the subject phrase); whatever is on the right end is the finite verb; whatever is on the left-end of a D-link is a determiner, etc.
For example, a verb phrase is everything reachable from an S-link, tracing to the right--that is, not tracing through the left end of the S-link itself.
Three new gateway modules help users interface the S-Link I/O system into a higher-level bus.
S-Link, a new technology Sony is incorporating into a number of its 1996 A-V products, is one wire that ties together various components.
Bill Cubellis, marketing manager for home video, said the new S-Link technology makes it easier to set up home theaters.
The $599 model has S-link and a flying erase head for better home editing.
A new Sony feature called S-Link is being incorporated into audio/video products as an example of what the company hopes to develop under the new organization.
S-Link is one wire that ties together various components, making for one-touch operation for an entire system.
About two dozen S-Link products--receivers, CD players, cassette decks, TVs and VCRs--will be available this month.
For example, with S-Link, when the user puts a tape into the VCR, the TV automatically turns on and the receiver automatically goes to VCR mode.