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A video format offering a higher quality signal than composite video, but a lower quality than component video. This mid-level format divides the signal into two channels - luminance and chrominance.


(Super-video) An analog color video format that combines the three YUV video signals into two channels. Brightness/luma (Y) is in one channel, and color/chroma (U and V) are in another. S-video provides a sharper image than composite video, but is not as good as component video. See S-VHS, YUV, composite video and component video.

S-video and Composite Connections
Like composite video, S-video connectors are widely used on VCRs, DVD players and receivers. The audio for both composite video and S-video uses common left/right stereo connections.

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how S-video, composite and component video signals are related.
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CHARACTERISTICAS: Brillo 3200 lumenes ANSI, contraste: 2400:1, resolucion 1024x768 pixeles (XGA) y 1080p, listo para graficos 3D, apertura: F/2,54 a 2,73, longitud focal: f=18,18 a 21,84 mm, zoom manual 1,2x, pantalla de 180"; rendimiento de lampara de hasta 3 mil horas, bocina integrada; dos puertos D-sub, RGB y componente, VGA-A, RCA, S-Video, mini USB-B esclavo para soporte remoto.
The connection package includes: two sets of RCA audio output jacks, one composite video jack, a component video output, S-Video output, optical and coaxial digital output jack, and headphone jack with volume control.
43/ PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM; SDTV: 480i, 576i; EDTV: 480p, 576p y HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1080p; puertos VGAx2, S-Video, compuesto, HDMI 1.
The TLP-T70MU projector ($1,999) provides similar features, such as composite and S-video inputs, 2,000 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution.
Running 22 or 24 AWG UTP cable is simpler, more versatile and less expensive than installing costly S-video cable, and the simplicity and craft-friendliness of the 110 IDC punchdowns make this connector both efficient and cost-effective.
2:1, emision de ruido de 38dB en modo normal y 33dB en modo silencioso, apagado automatico, entradas de video VGA, video compuesto RCA y S-Video
0 Watt stereo speakers and DVI, S-video Component and Composite video inputs to provide users with a range of connectivity options for a complete multimedia experience.
The projectors allow for video input from sources including component (YcbCr, YpbPr), S-video and composite video.
Capable of displaying PIP (Picture in Picture), so you can watch TV and work on your spreadsheet at the same time (yeah, right), the M17W1 has a built-in TV tuner and a D1 digital input on the backside of the unit (as well as one S-Video and two Composite inputs), making it perfect for playing back high resolution DVD movies of video games.
Supports Standard and High Definition HDMI capture and playback, combined with analog YUV as well as NTSC/PAL and S-Video capture and playback
5 pounds and featuring a tow noise level of 36 dB, the CP series boasts a 400:1 contrast ratio and a Lamp power of 165 watts, with inputs for RGB, Composite Video, S-Video, and Component Video formats.
The series also features a choice of video and data inputs, including composite video, S-video, component video and RGB data, as well as DVD-D and USB inputs.