offset elbow

A pipe fitting whose shape has the outline of the letter S, used for connecting lengths of straight pipe that are parallel to, but displaced from, each other.
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Tenders are invited for Supply , Repair And Fitment Of Coach Water Testing Plant At Carriage Painting Shop /Nbqs 1 Dismantling, Lowering , Cleaning , Repairing And Fitment Of Branch Pipes Of Showers Branch Pipe 6 Mtr Each Fitted With 12 S-Pipe 1 Mtr Each , Qty 104 Rg Mtr.
the better to reach the S-pipe under the kitchen sink,
The witness said he recovered hair, blood, flesh and bone from the S-pipe in the bathroom sink.
Smooth changeover of the S-pipe is facilitated by the hydraulic cylinder with end-of-stroke damping.