offset elbow

A pipe fitting whose shape has the outline of the letter S, used for connecting lengths of straight pipe that are parallel to, but displaced from, each other.
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Tenders are invited for Supply , Repair And Fitment Of Coach Water Testing Plant At Carriage Painting Shop /Nbqs 1 Dismantling, Lowering , Cleaning , Repairing And Fitment Of Branch Pipes Of Showers Branch Pipe 6 Mtr Each Fitted With 12 S-Pipe 1 Mtr Each , Qty 104 Rg Mtr.
the better to reach the S-pipe under the kitchen sink,
The witness said he recovered hair, blood, flesh and bone from the S-pipe in the bathroom sink.
Under the terms of the agreement, Samsung will license Soundpipe's unified messaging and S-Pipe client technologies to manufacture Soundpipe-enabled Internet appliances and networking equipment for use with Soundpipe voice Internet services.
Soundpipe's voice Internet services consist of three components including Soundpipe-enabled Internet appliances like its Internet Voice/Fax Station (IVS), Soundpipe voice Internet servers, and S-Pipe technology.
The backbone of Soundpipe's system is S-Pipe technology based on packet switched rather than circuit switched architecture, eliminating the need to build costly telephone infrastructure area code by area code.
Soundpipe's S-pipe technology and its plug & play Internet Voice/Fax Station (IVS) form the foundation of a powerful new generation of voice Internet communications systems that will help pave the way for applications such as unified communications," said Blair Pleasant, Director of Communications Analysis for The PELORUS Group.
Smooth changeover of the S-pipe is facilitated by the hydraulic cylinder with end-of-stroke damping.