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A video format offering a higher quality signal than composite video, but a lower quality than component video. This mid-level format divides the signal into two channels - luminance and chrominance.

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(Super-video) An analog color video format that combines the three YUV video signals into two channels. Brightness/luma (Y) is in one channel, and color/chroma (U and V) are in another. S-video provides a sharper image than composite video, but is not as good as component video. See S-VHS, YUV, composite video and component video.

S-video and Composite Connections
Like composite video, S-video connectors are widely used on VCRs, DVD players and receivers. The audio for both composite video and S-video uses common left/right stereo connections.

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how S-video, composite and component video signals are related.
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It also features support for legacy analog recording via S-Video and Composite I/O, DICOM file format and MOV video format supported by Apple iOS devices
Up to 12 hours of standard definition video can be recorded on 8.5GB DVD+R double layer discs which are compatible when using the DV, S-Video, or Composite video inputs only.
This device has inputs for standard composite and S-video sources, and it outputs MP4 video to your iPod, PSP or USB storage device.
The TDP-SW25U includes a range of multimedia capabilities and connectivity options such as composite, component and S-video inputs and audio in/out capabilities.
-- A 4-pipe superscalar GPU architecture; -- A 300MHz GPU clock and 128-bit DDR memory interface; -- A 275MHz DDR memory clock and 550MHz memory data rate; -- Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 support; -- A GPU fan-sink cooling solution; -- VGA + DVI outputs and an HDTV output that supports S-video; -- A DVI to VGA adapter and HDTV interface pod; and -- An S-video cable and an external 'Y' adapter power cable.
The XDTOU accepts computer, regular, or S-video signals from DVD, VCR, and high-definition video or television signals, its footprint is smaller than a regular letter-sized piece of paper.
carry S-video cables in their briefcases to connect laptops to client televisions on second and third sales calls.
It is compatible with both PAL and NTSC, composite or S-video signals.
Connections include S-video, composite, digital and analog audio and a headphone socket, plus there's a remote control for when you're just too lazy.
* Provides Composite and S-video outputs and one set of left and right analog audio outputs.
Built-in VGA, RCA composite video/audio, S-Video and connectors ensures the Video Jockey is compatible with a huge selection of today's most popular AV components.