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(Super Audio CD) A high-resolution audio format from Sony and Philips. Designed as an optical disc format with higher-quality sound than a CD, SACD never caught on. Neither did DVD-Audio, a competing next-generation disc format. However, high-resolution music downloads are available in DVD-Audio resolutions as well as the DSD format used in SACD discs (see DVD-Audio, 88.2/24, 176.4/24 and high-resolution audio).

In 1999, Sony introduced the first SACD player. The SCD-1's $5,000 price placed it squarely in the audiophile league, but subsequent players moved SACD well into the consumer realm, with combo CD/DVD/SACD/DVD-Audio units less than $200.

SACD Uses Direct Stream Digital (DSD)
Sony's SACD uses a 1-bit pulse density modulation (PDM) method that encodes 2,822,400 samples per second. For more details, see DSD.

Multi-Channel and Hybrid Discs
Introduced in only stereo, 5.1 channel support was later added. In 2003, hybrid SACD discs included a separate CD layer with the same titles for playback in regular CD players.

The DSD Approach
Sony's SACD audio format is a dramatic departure from PCM, the common way audio is sampled. Direct Stream Digital (DSD) 1-bit samples are either 0 or 1 (up or down) depending on the previous sample point (see DSD).

SACD, DVD-Audio and More
This BDP-83 player from Oppo Digital not only played SACD and DVD-Audio discs, but regular CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray videos. Oppo made a line of excellent players for more than a decade but streaming became too popular, and equipment manufacturers suffered as a result. (Image courtesy of Oppo Digital, Inc.,

High-End Players Still Exist
There always seems to be a market for high-end audio equipment, because this PerfectWave SACD player from PS Audio was available in 2021 for $6499. It uses the I2S interface if coupled with PS Audio's own DAC (see I2S and D/A converter). (Image courtesy of PS Audio Inc.,
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Only Sony Music in Japan, Sonopress in Germany, and Crest National in Hollywood, Calif, have SACD production lines up and running.
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Karl Amadeus Hartmann's darkly brooding Concerto funebre (1939) completes a well-programmed disc, with fine performances and sound to match, both in CD and SACD stereo and surround-sound formats.
Connected by the power of music, inspired by fin de siecle, this SACD glorifies the influential ballet/theatre/opera music from the interwar period.
[The initial phase of the Chicago trial (R305L030072), a component of the Social and Character Development (SACD) Research Consortium, was a collaboration among Institute of Education Sciences (IES), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Division of Violence Prevention, Mathematica Policy Research Inc.
As for SACD, the Sony car audio demo was the only place I could listen to my SACD test material in multichannel.