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(Super Audio CD) A high-resolution audio format from Sony and Philips. Designed as an optical disc format with higher-quality sound than a CD, SACD never caught on. Neither did DVD-Audio, a competing next-generation disc format. However, high-resolution music downloads are available in DVD-Audio resolutions as well as the DSD format used in SACD discs (see DVD-Audio, 88.2/24, 176.4/24 and high-resolution audio).

In 1999, Sony introduced the first SACD player. The SCD-1's USD $5,000 price placed it squarely in the audiophile league, but subsequent players moved SACD well into the consumer realm, with combo CD/DVD/SACD/DVD-Audio units less than $200.

SACD Uses Direct Stream Digital (DSD)
Sony's SACD uses a 1-bit pulse density modulation (PDM) method that encodes 2,822,400 samples per second. For more details, see DSD.

Multi-Channel and Hybrid Discs
Introduced in only stereo, 5.1 channel support was later added. In 2003, hybrid SACD discs included a separate CD layer with the same titles for playback in regular CD players.

The DSD Approach
Sony's SACD audio format is a dramatic departure from PCM, the common way audio is sampled. Direct Stream Digital (DSD) 1-bit samples are either 0 or 1 (up or down) depending on the previous sample point (see DSD).

SACD, DVD-Audio and More
This BDP-83 player from Oppo Digital not only plays SACD and DVD-Audio discs, but regular CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray videos. (Image courtesy of Oppo Digital, Inc.,
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SACDs use new recording technology that increases the resolution of digital music by more closely following the original analog waveform.
Hybrid Super Audio CD discs feature a high-density layer which can provide high-resolution, multichannel surround sound in addition to a separate two-channel stereo SACD version of the same music, and a layer with a CD version of the recording.
The two-channel SACD player utilizes twin Burr Brown converters to guarantee subtle nuances in music are reproduced to deliver enhanced linearity and distortion-free response.
The ensemble's Dvorak discography now includes a sonically superior and spatially realistic SACD of the String Quartets in D minor, Op.
2a receiver and DSP processing blocks to deal with Direct Stream Digital (DSD) data from an SACD disk.
The CS4391 -- This new DAC also supports both DVD Audio and SACD while at the same time delivering exceptional audio quality (108 dB) at a mainstream price point.
The Vaddis 8 processor not only enables HDTV connectivity via HDMI and analog component HD-video with six 14-bit video DACs, but also is capable of supporting the full range of audio features including DVD-Audio and SACD playback.
I SACD Praga Digitals (Hannonia Munch) PRD/DSD 250,292
The disc is a hybrid containing three different audio formats-the first is ordinary two-channel stereo, the second is SACD two-channel stereo, and third is SACD multichannel.
With the ability to handle digital audio signals sampled at up to 192 kHz and applying 32-bit data processing, this controller supports all common digital audio formats from SACD to DTS.
Once seen as the future of home audio, Hi-Fi music formats like SACD and DVD-A now seem almost irrelevant.
The recording quality, both in CD and SACD formats is brilliant - warm but very detailed.