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These contract awards come just six months after SAIC's completed acquisition of Engility as part of a broader company strategy to expand its intelligence community portfolio.
SAIC has a strong commitment to supporting programs of national importance--helping to solve or undertake our country's most significant problems.
Espressive Barista and SAIC's U-Centric user-friendly solutions will benefit organizations by providing greater operational efficiency to achieve mission- and business-aligned outcomes.
Last year, SAIC Motor exported and sold 277,000 vehicles to overseas markets; a year-on-year increase of 62.5 percent.
According to SAIC, the Product Support Center services model provides 'cradle to grave' life cycle support to systems and platforms and includes solution analysis, system engineering and integration, as well as sustainment.
SAIC Motor's growing presence on the international stage means that it has now held the title of China's largest vehicle exporter for the past three years.
SAIC Motor's affiliated vehicle companies include SAIC Passenger Vehicle, SAIC Maxus, SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, Shanghai General Motors Wuling (SGMW), Naveco, SAIC-Iveco Hongyan and Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corp.
Launched in 2011 after SAIC's acquisition of the LDV brand, Maxus has grown its sales to 70,000 vehicles in 2017 across three major model lines, exporting over 10,000 in the same year.
"We are honored that SAIC has selected North Pointe Commerce Park as its home for this mission critical facility and look forward to continuing to support their future growth.
Currently, SAIC has a prominent position internationally with a sales network in 15 countries and a main zone connecting the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Africa, Europe, and North America, where the company has an innovations centre in Silicon Valley.
Under the contract, SAIC will provide systems engineering and computer resource engineering support for VSES to the SED, the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), and the Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (USA RDECOM).