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see tunicatetunicate
, marine animal of the phylum Chordata, which also includes the vertebrates. The adult form of most tunicates (also called urochordates) shows no resemblance to vertebrate animals, but such a resemblance is evident in the larva.
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It can be determined by the SALP value at location [[??].sub.s] as
The second stage releases a slow-acting leavening acid like sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) or sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP).
(33) Philip Kithil, 'Are Salps a Silver Baller Against Global Warming And Ocean Acidification?'(2006).
Using a recently introduced novel osteoprotegerin assay, we performed the present study to evaluate the diagnostic validity of osteoprotegerin as a potential bone metastasis marker in PCa in comparison with sALP and cross-linked N-telopeptides of type I collagen (NTx), which represent osteoblastic and osteoclastic markers, respectively.
With the surge in imports and falling price on the domestic market, the country may decide to salp import duty again on soybeans as indicated by Industry and Trade and Industry Minister Luhut B.
Finally, in addition to meroplanktonic forms, we found a juvenile of the lancet Branchiostoma, and new holoplanktonic records represented by four members of Tunicata: three appendicularians and one salp. Altogether, we present 32 new reports for the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, seven for Costa Rican waters and 16 for the Caribbean coast of Central America.
Dennis Gordon, leading scientist in Niwa for the biodiversity and biosecurity sector of the region, identified the odd creature as a kind of salp. It was described as having gelatinous body to make it move through water conveniently by pumping and contracting water through itself.
28 October 2011 - Indian handcrafted gold and diamond jewellery maker Shree Ganesh Jewellery House Ltd (SGJHL) said on Friday it had formed a local 50/50 joint venture with Italian machine-made gold jewellery firm SALP SpA.
They hit the SALP depot in Poggio Bagnoli, Tuscany, early on Tuesday and were gone in less than 30 minutes.
Different salp species are found around the world and attention is now being paid to what effect they might have on global warming.
Contact SALP (The Scottish Adult Learning Partnership) and let them help you to help yourself.
The Federal Republic of Germany has always prohibited the use of SALP in food.