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a city under oblast jurisdiction in Karaganda Oblast, Kazakh SSR; located 15 km from the city of Karaganda. Population, 53,000 (1975; 5,000 in 1939; 40,000 in 1959).

Saran’ is a major coal-mining center in the Karaganda Coal Basin. It has coal-washing plants, a tire-repair plant, plants manufacturing industrial-rubber and reinforced-concrete products, and brickyards. There is a pedagogical school. Saran’ was formed in 1954 from a section of the city of Karaganda.

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Be that as it may, Saran has wished to present Baburam Bhattarai as a nationalist, whereas, he has projected king Mahendra's nationalism as anti-Indianism.
Saran said Duterte also conveyed his appreciation for the role of the Indian community in various fields in the Philippines including economic, services sector, and infrastructure.
Saran presented a document in court that was approved by the school's management, but did not bear the needed signatures.
I think me and the other parents were more worried, and more emotional!" Sacred Heart School pupil Saran's older brother Morgan, 12, also trains at the gym while younger brother Bentley, two, loves running round the gym after his older siblings.
Dyma ferch sy'n llawn syniadau ac mae hi'n hoff iawn o greu trwbl - rhwng y disgyblion a'u teuluoedd!" meddai Saran.
As a former copy- writer for Lowe, Saran is in familiar territory.
Saran is understood to have told the CBI that he had adjudicated the matter based on material placed before him and did not favour anyone.
Ajay Sangha, aged five, who suffers from cerebral palsy and attends Tiverton Primary School, was the inspiration behind Saran's first half-marathon run of 13.1 miles.
Giving a speech on India's nuclear deterrent recently, Saran placed India's nuclear posture in perspective in the context of recent developments, notably the "jihadist edge" that Pakistan's nuclear weapons capability have acquired.
Saran said the situation was "under control and there was no panic." The health ministry had asked state authorities to step up surveillance to stop the spread of the disease," Saran said.
In this capacity, Nilay Saran will be responsible for building and establishing business relations, operations management and customer relations.
India's former Foreign Secretary, Shyam Saran, recently spoke at the Brookings Institution about India's view of emerging geopolitical trends.