severe acute respiratory syndrome

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severe acute respiratory syndrome:

or severe acute respiratory syndrome,
communicable viral disease that can progress to a potentially fatal pneumonia. The first symptoms of SARS are usually a high fever, headache and body aches, sore throat, and mild respiratory symptoms; diarrhea may occur.
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001) were significantly higher during the H1N1 epidemic than during the SARS epidemic.
JTB and Kinki Nippon, both long-standing firms having strength in selling package tours, saw their sales fall sharply during the first half, posting declines of over 40%, suggesting reduced demand for such travel due to the war and the SARS epidemic.
When the SARS epidemic hit Asia last spring, the company was able to meet only 20% of the demand for face masks because of its limited supply capabilities.
8 percent of GDP, the budgeted shortfall, due to the unexpected SARS epidemic.
However, except in some Asian countries, the war in Iraq and the SARS epidemic had no significant influence on the group's performance.
But the airline said that the effects of the weak global economy, the Sars epidemic and the Iraq war meant that it reported an operating loss of pounds 291.
ESSA's CEO Peter Crowe says that the dramatic increase in orders is a direct result of the SARS epidemic
We need more juggernauts hurtling down our highways and byways like we need a SARS epidemic.
THE emerging markets of the Far East are beginning to regain some of their poise after the SARS epidemic with growth once again beginning to surge.
HONG KONG is making a comeback after experts gave it a clean bill of health following the SARS epidemic.
In particular, the decline in PC and handset sell-through in China and other Asian markets, largely related to the SARS epidemic, significantly affected AMD's sales in the second quarter," he said.