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On November 22, 2018, the Arbitral Tribunal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration issued an award (the 'Award'), ordering Bolivia to provide compensation to SASL in the amount of US$18.7 million (the 'Compensation') and to pay interest thereon running from August 1, 2012 to the date of payment of the Compensation.
Four types of authentication in LDAP are anonymous, unauthenticated, name/password and SASL authentication.
Although it is not an official language in SA, there have been calls to recognise SASL as an official language, and, in the Constitution's recognition of the country's eleven official languages, it also makes provision for the Pan South African Language Board to promote and develop SASL.
The transcription and annotation system presented in this article derives from the construction of a corpus of interpreted news broadcasts from English into South African Sign Language (SASL) (Wehrmeyer 2013).
There they will be welcome with an Apero courtesy of SASL, followed by a traditional dinner.
SASL, which had bought IPL's Pune franchise for ` 1,702 crore for 10 years in May 2010, had paid all its IPL as well as team India sponsorship dues till January.
The volunteers who made presentations were those assigned to SASL under JICA's volunteer dispatch programme.
British banking group HSBC Holdings (LON:HSBA) said it would combine its Saudi Arabia wholesale and investment banking unit, HSBC Saudi Arabia, with SABB Securities Limited (SASL), the brokerage and custody business of Saudi British Bank (SAU:1060), or SABB.
(47) When linguists began standardizing the languages into an official South African Sign Language (SASL), they compiled signs (consisting of variations) from eleven distinct South African racial and geographical communities,as Due to the cultural variations associated with official SASL signs, sign language interpreters in South Africa must be trained in each natural sign language present within its borders to provide full access to South African society to Deaf individuals.
Como sucesores directos de este lenguaje, pueden contarse SASL, Miranda y ML.
Coverage includes an overview of today's security landscape; the user authentication architecture of UNIX (and derivatives) and Windows NT/2000/2003; upper-level applications and services, such as GSS-API, SSPI, and SASL; and protocols and mechanisms providing user access to the network infrastructure, such as Cisco routers and switches, Remote Access Authentication protocols, IPSec and VPN authentication.