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Bangalore, Sept 29 (ANI/Business Wire India): LSI Corporation today enhanced the LSIT Engenio 7900 storage system with a state-of-the-art, high-density SATA drive enclosure, solid-state drive (SSD) support and iSCSI host interface support.
LSI Corporation (NYSE: LSI), a provider of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies, today (17 November) introduced its new Engenio DE6900 high-density SATA drive enclosure and 8Gb/s Fibre Channel (8GFC) host connectivity as enhancements to its flagship LSI Engenio 7900 HPC storage system.
Its four SATA drive bays have up to 4 TBs of capacity in a 12-pound device with a desktop footprint that is half the size of a sheet of notebook paper.
The amount of high performance SAS drive storage scales with the number of employees while the high value, SATA drive storage scales with both time and the number of employees utilizing the system.
Moving to a dual-ported active-active SATA drive solution results in much higher performance than active- passive approaches (doubling the available FC bandwidth) and reduced system development costs.
released a 2TB drive last month, but it was a SATA drive aimed at desktop and external storage applications.
Four drives within the X-SPAND can be isolated as high performance media storage and the G5 internal SATA drive as the boot drive.
Boost Your Notebook's Capacity and Performance with Apricorn's Do-It-Yourself SATA Drive Upgrade Kit
The Accordance ARAID uses the PC's existing SATA drive and dynamically creates a RAID1 array with an added drive.
A unique technology called Predictive Data Migration (PDM) can dramatically reduce the impact of SATA drive failures.
As the pioneer of ATA RAID and the first company to deliver a hot swap enclosure for ATA RAID environments, Promise has recognized the necessity of reliable SATA drive hot swap for server applications," said Sam Sirisena, vice president of sales and marketing worldwide, Promise Technology, Inc.
Users can easily plug a Maxtor SATA drive directly into a VT8237-enabled motherboard for single, SATA hard drive performance, or install two drives for a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration for a significant performance improvement or added data protection.