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The SID is an interest rate swap that hedges the interest rate risk of the construction of one of SBM Offshore's Floating Production Storage and Offloading facilities.
With the six billion increase in order backlog, SBM Offshore is going through a disciplined growth phase.
The Economic Survey has outlined the progress made in the SBM that was initiated in 2014 to achieve universal sanitation coverage by October 2, 2019.
SBM was selected by a panel of expert judges comprising IBM executives and industry analysts and experts.
Le Conseil de SBM a ratifie une caution de 400 millions de DH au profit d'une banque de la place en garantie des engagements pris par MDI, la maison mere.
The Reserve Bank of India has approved the merger of SBM (Mauritius), India with SBM Bank (India), The Financial Express has reported citing a statement from the RBI.
It has been nearly three years now since SBM has redefined, realigned and recalibrated its strategy with a blueprint prepared in consultation with international consultancy firm McKinsey and Company.
The provisional measure requires that Petrobras start withholding a percentage of monthly payments owed to SBM Offshore companies under certain charter contracts in escrow as collateral.
In India, SBM is the first foreign bank to have been granted a Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) Licence by the Reserve Bank of India.
The present experiment was conducted to test the hypothesis that values for the ATTD and STTD of P in pigs are different among corn, SBM, and CM, and values for STTD of P in mixed diets are additive.
The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) had earlier given SBM the green light.The Competition Authority authorises the proposed acquisitionhellipof certain assets and the assumption of certain liabilities from and of Chase Bank (Kenya) limited (in receivership) by SBM Bank (Kenya) Limited, said CA director general Wangombe Kariuki in a gazette notice dated June 4 published on Friday.
SBM Holdings' acquisition of Chase Bank (Kenya) is being done through its Kenyan subsidiary SBM Kenya.