horse mackerel

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horse mackerel:

see tunatuna
or tunny,
game and food fishes, the largest members of the family Scombridae (mackerel family) and closely related to the albacore and bonito. They have streamlined bodies with two fins, and five or more finlets on the back.
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The Scad report, which reviews the performance of banks headquartered in Abu Dhabi, also said that the total net income of banks in the fourth quarter of 2017 reached Dh7.
SCAD Hong Kong's Fashion Showcase highlights the university's commitment to professionally preparing young design talent and provides a high-profile platform for the best talent from SCAD internationally.
Management said the workers' concerns on wages and job placement will be addressed after last week's fire displaced some 1,000 Scad and HTI factory workers.
HTI and SCAD will continue to pay the salary of the affected workers, until they are deployed to their sister companies,' she said.
The previous reports showed the prevalence of SCAD in young female population with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) was 10%, and up to 25% in AMI population.
SCAD is defined as the non-traumatic and non-iatrogenic separation of the coronary arterial wall by intramural hemorrhage creating a false lumen, with or without an intimal tear.
In the 1980s, SCAD was one of the first art colleges to offer computer art as a major.
HE Butti Al Qubaisi praised the signing of the agreement, which comes in context of SCADs policy of close cooperation with local and federal government bodies and other stakeholders, in the pursuit of the Centres goal of building a world-class statistical system that would meet the needs of data users across the emirate, while ensuring accuracy, timeliness and relevance.
SCAD patients with coronary atherosclerosis are more frequently seen in the practice than in the medical reports which has been confirmed scientifically by intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) used to visualize atherosclerotic plaque rupture and consequent coronary dissection.
We chose to work with SCAD because of its outstanding reputation among schools of design and its forward-looking, creative approach to technology.
SCAD is the official statistical authority of Abu Dhabi Emirate.