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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Scales is a popular alternate term for the sign Libra.

What does it mean when you dream about scales? (weights)

Scales symbolize justice, but also weighing something, which can symbolize making a decision. Scales in a dream can also be drawing on the expression “to tip the scales.”


signify impartiality. [Art: Hall, 183]
See: Justice
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System Scale specialises in industrial, agriculture, aggregate and laboratory scales and service.
Kitchen Kaboodle usually merchandises its kitchen scales near baking accessories.
On the scales of Instructor Support (Preferred m=4.
The first 24 tracks on the CD are major scales played at MM of 60-100 BPM, which could be helpful for some one needing to practice with a model.
To first order, hydrologic conditions in subtropical Florida covary at the spatial scales at which storms organize.
A related question is performance at scale, specifically, how does performance change when a reasonable amount of storage is being virtualized?
For example, evaluation of the effects of toxic substances on ecosystems can involve multiple approaches: a) comparison of a toxic response or specific dose level of a contaminant to a water quality standard that has been linked to biological effects; b) assessment of environmental effects of multiple toxic substances by using well-characterized individual contaminant exposures; or c) the coupling of physiologic and genetic indicators with environmental chemistry and ecologic responses at multiple spatial and temporal scales.
Three assessment instruments were used: the Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale, the Teacher Inferred Self-Concept Scale, mid a researcher developed social studies test based on information contained within the third-grade textbook.
Another reason for applying pressure systems is where one charging point serves multiple scales, so it makes sense to have a single air source.
Standard features on both scales include auto-tare, auto-zero, and auto-weigh.
The Economist towers offer three different scales of fenestration.
First, Ballou overstates the risk to value-added assessment that comes from the question of whether or not scales can be developed with equal intervals.