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A version of the SCSI command specification.

SCSI-2 shares the original SCSI's asynchronous and synchronous modes and adds a "Fast SCSI" mode (<10MB/s) and "Wide SCSI" (16 bit, <20MB/s or rarely 32 bit).

Another major enhancement was the definition of command sets for different device classes. SCSI-1 was rather minimalistic in this respect which led to various incompatibilities especially for devices other than hard-disks. SCSI-2 addresses that problem. allowing scanners, hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, tapes and many other devices to be connected.

Normal SCSI-2 equipment (not wide or differential) can be connected to a SCSI-1 bus and vice versa.
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Another possibility for use with a parallel port is the SCSI-2 adapter, for which two speeds are available.
random access memory (RAM), ROM and flash memory), local area network connectors and SCSI-2 interfaces (Type II cards).
A: SCSI-2 is available Global Engineering or the draft copy on the SCSI committee (T10) web site: www.
The industry understood SCSI-2 and SCSI-3, but when the T10 committee went to Fast-20 and then to SPI-2, everyone was at a loss as to what to call SCSI devices that supported those standards.
The kit includes the new INI(R)-9090U-MAC SCSI-2 host adapter with both internal and external connectors capable of attaching up to 15 SCSI and SCSI-2 peripherals.
But even before that, work had already begun on the SCSI-2 standard.
To exploit the advantages of the PCI bus architecture, the ABP940-UW delivers optimal data transfer performance to any combination of up to 15 SCSI-1, SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 devices such as scanners, hard drives and removable storage devices.
DTC Data Technology (NASDAQ:PHOX), a leader in EIDE, I/O, SCSI and advanced wireless LAN technology, today announced the DTC3520A and DTC3510A, its new product line of Adaptec compatible Fast SCSI-2 ISA SCSI host adapters.
Supporting SCSI-1, SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 standards, the SCSI bus expander boards work with any of Symbios Logic's SCSI products, as well as functioning with any other industry-standard SCSI controllers up to Wide Ultra SCSI with transfer rates of 40 Mbytes/sec.
StreamLogic's PCI Ultra SCSI JackHammer is fully compatible with all SCSI-1, Fast SCSI-2, Fast & Wide SCSI-2 and Ultra SCSI storage devices.
The SX4030/1UDW and SX4030/2UDW add one and two Ultra Differential Wide SCSI channels respectively; the SX4030/1DW and SX4030/2DW add one and two Fast SCSI-2 Differential Wide channels respectively; and the SX4030/1UW and SX4030/2UW add one and two Single-ended Ultra Wide SCSI channels respectively.
The SmartCache IV family supports ISA, EISA, and PCI host interfaces, and SCSI-1, Fast SCSI-2, Ultra SCSI-3, and Wide SCSI interfaces.